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  • How To Clean Anything http://www.howtocleananything.com
    Hints for in and around the house. Includes tips for recreation vehicles, toys and sporting goods.

  • The Soap And Detergent Association http://www.sdahq.org/
    Information on use and composition of soaps and detergents. Includes cleaning products overview, laundry products, dishwashing and environmental topics.

  • Cleaning.com http://www.cleaning.com
    Offers basic and advanced information. Features a forum and a newsletter.

  • Carpet Stain Index http://www.fabriclink.com/carpet/carpetstain.html
    Stain removal guide for common carpet stains. Includes general rules for stain treatment.

  • Messy Gourmet Archive - Stains http://www.messygourmet.com/archive.html#stains
    An archive of tips for food and cooking related stains.

  • SoYouWanna Clean Your Apartment? http://www.soyouwanna.com/site/syws/cleanapt/cleanapt.html
    Basic plan of action for cleaning messy apartments. Features information for tough areas and how to keep an apartment clean.

  • Tips for Spring Cleaning http://abcnews.go.com/sections/GMA/Hazelton/gma020326_SpringCleaningTips_feature.html
    Advice on cleaning grout and windows. Includes a checklist for the rest of the home and related articles. From ABC News.

  • Home Furniture Care http://www.home-furniture-care.com
    Tips on caring for wood, leather and upholstered furniture, as well as mattresses. Includes a stain removal guide.

  • Boston Apartments - Cleaning Tips http://www.bostonapartments.com/cleaning.htm
    Offers tips for caring for appliances, fixtures, drains and glassware. Includes laundry hints.

  • Home Cleaning Solution Center http://www.pioneerthinking.com/cleaningsolutions.html
    Articles and advice on simple, safe techniques and materials. Features recipes for household products.

  • Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks http://www.familydigest.com/stories/spring_cleaning.cfm
    Advice on periodic procedures. Includes a room-by-room game plan.

  • Cleaning Tips for My Little Ponies http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Glade/2495/cleaning.html
    How to clean the toy, My Little Pony.

  • DoItYourself.com - Cleaning and Stain Removal Tips http://doityourself.com/clean/
    House cleaning, stain removal and carpet cleaning tips. Includes homemade cleaners. Includes home-made cleaning product recipes and a discussion forum.

  • DrClean http://www.DrClean.co.uk
    Offers solutions to cleaning clothes, carpets and curtains with step-by-step pictorial instructions. Includes information on handling disputes with professional cleaners.

  • Water Nuisances: Alternatives to Cleaning Deposits on Household Surfaces http://ianrpubs.unl.edu/homemgt/nf134.htm
    Discusses many cleaning problems and solutions.

  • Label Talk for Consumers http://www.textileaffairs.com/consumer.htm
    Includes guides to common care symbols, common home laundering and drycleaning symbols, and stain removal answers to common care questions; from Textile Industry Affairs.

  • Piano Care http://www.tunepianos.com/yancare.htm
    Suggestions for cleaning and placement of pianos.

  • Stain Buster http://magazines.ivillage.com/goodhousekeeping/myhome/stainbuster/spc/0,12876,284550_295273,00.html
    Advice on stain removal from clothing, carpets, and upholstery. Features technique overview, cleaning solutions and bleach basics. From Good Housekeeping.

  • BellaOnline - Cleaning http://www.bellaonline.com/site/cleaning
    Articles offering tips and lists. Includes a newsletter and discussion forum.

  • IVillage - Cleaning http://www.ivillage.com/home/archive/0,,185185,00.html
    Articles and quizzes on topics including laundry, grease fires and upholstry.

  • Cleaning Recipes for a Healthy Home http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/fcs/housing/pubs/fcs3682r.html
    Recipes for environmentally friendly household products. Includes information for reducing hazardous products in the home.

  • Handyman USA - Cleaning Tips http://www.handymanusa.com/articles/cleaningtips.html
    Advice on dealing with mildew, chopping blocks, soot stains, wood stains and piano keys. Includes cleaning recipes.

  • Cleaning Your Dutch Oven http://www.macscouter.com/Cooking/DutchOven_Intro.html#3C
    Instructions on cleaning different kinds of Dutch ovens; from a general site on Dutch ovens that includes recipes and cooking tips.

  • Guidelines for Stain and Spot Removal from Carpet and Rugs http://www.a2zcarpet.com/stain.htm
    General stain removal guidelines as well as a list of specific stains for more detailed instructions.

  • Housecleaning-Tips http://www.housecleaning-tips.com
    Tips for cleaning a kitchen and a bathroom, as well as advice on controlling clutter. Includes lists of recommended cleaning tools.

  • Blackmon Mooring https://www.blackmonmooring.com/carpet/cleaningtips.asp
    Tips on removing carpet stains and spots. Features search by specific stain type.

  • ALPCA Online: License Plate Cleaning Tips http://www.alpca.org/faq.cleaning.html
    Advice from collectors. Includes instructions for removing stickers and adhesives.

  • Dilmaghani's Interactive Stain Removal Chart http://www.dilmaghani.com/care/stains/removalchart.html
    Searches a database for a specified stain type. Includes instructions.

  • Jenny's Hints http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/4230/hints.html
    Cleaning and organizing home and garden. Includes tip of the week.

  • Clean Up Pages http://www.CleanUpPages.com
    Stain removal, odor removal and other special clean-up techniques. Features common household surfaces FAQ and a newsletter.

home garden services house cleaning